A Passion for Language, Culture, and Communication

ZEALingua is a translation agency founded out of love for language, culture, and compassionate human communication. We provide high-quality translation and interpretation services in all major languages. Whether you are an individual needing document translation or a business eager to expand globally and reach wider audience, we are here to help.

Our Translation Quality Assurance Process


To ensure the highest quality, ZEALingua utilizes a three-step translation process before final delivery.



When you submit material to translate, first, a project manager carefully evaluates it based on several criteria, including source and target language, length, complexity, and subject matter. Then the document is assigned to a best-matching linguist who performs the initial translation. 



Next, the translation is proofread by a professional editor with the same subject-matter expertise for grammatical and syntactic accuracy, style, inconsistencies, and possible omissions. The editor then discusses with the translator the changes to implement into the final product.



Finally, a project manager reviews the edited files to ensure it meets your requirements through our in-house quality assurance check. The project manager may also ask you to review the translation or a part of it to fine-tune certain details, such as personal name spelling and specialized terminology.

Your Trusted Language Resource

Hiring a translation agency for the first time can be intimidating, but we are a partner you can trust. We listen to you and tailor our language services to fit your unique project needs. We take quality and accuracy seriously, and we assign each project to the most suitable experts. Our professional translators have industry-specific language expertise and a deep understanding of dynamic cultural nuances of their native language. Leave it to us to take care of your language project, no matter the scope.