At ZEALingua, quality is of the utmost important to us. We care about clients. Our experienced project managers and linguists collaborate closely on each project to achieve accuracy, precision, and client satisfaction.

Our Translation Quality Assurance Process

To ensure the highest quality, ZEALingua utilizes a three-step quality assurance translation process before final delivery.

  • Step 1Translation

    When a client submits material to translate, first, a project manager carefully evaluates it based on several criteria, including source and target language, length, complexity, subject matter, and turnaround time. Then the document is assigned to a best-matching linguist who performs the initial translation. 

  • Step 2Editing

    Next, the translation is proofread by a professional editor with the same subject-matter expertise for grammatical and syntactic accuracy, style, inconsistencies, and possible omissions. The editor then discusses with the translator the changes to implement into the final product.

  • Step 3Review

    Finally, a project manager reviews the edited file to ensure it meets the clients requirements through our in-house quality assurance check. At this stage, the project manager may also ask the client to review the translation or a part of it to fine-tune certain details, such as personal name spelling and specialized terminology.

    After all these steps have been taken, the competed translation is delivered to the client. We always welcome client feedback upon completion of a project.

Our Interpretation Process

At ZEALingua, we help individuals and organizations with their unique interpretation requests by following the steps below, providing for a smooth and efficient workflow.

  • Step 1Evaluation

    We carefully evaluate the details of an interpretation inquiry, making sure there is no missing crucial information such as type of interpretation, venue, length, and language combinations requested.

  • Step 2Interpreter assignment

    Based on the specifics of an inquiry, we assign a professional interpreter whose qualifications, language skills, and industry expertise match the projects unique needs. The interpreter is provided the details of the event in advance to prepare accordingly.

  • Step 3Conducting interpretation

    In the case of in-person interpretation, the assigned interpreter arrives at the event site to render the service. For remote interpretation services (over the phone, video), corresponding arrangements will be made. 

  • Step 4Feedback

    After we successfully complete an interpretation project, we ask both our client and interpreter for feedback on the experience. This step is important to us, as it helps improve our workflow efficiency and ensure future success. 

Confidentiality and Security

At ZEAlingua, we understand the sensitivity of the data submitted to us, and we ensure utmost confidentiality and security at all stages of our translation workflow and beyond. All our staff and our freelance translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement valid for every translation. Your information and submitted files will never be shared with anyone outside of the authorized project manager and linguists assigned to work on your project. Data security is equally important to us. Our client data are transferred via secure file transfer protocols and encrypted. ZEALingua has secured computer systems and servers in place.