At ZEALingua, we can transcribe your audio or video content, converting recorded speech into a written document. We can transcribe the following materials in all major languages:

  • Video content
  • Voice messages
  • Focus groups
  • Legal proceedings
  • Market research
  • Phone calls
  • Broadcasts
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Conference recordings
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Strict Verbatim and Intelligent Verbatim

ZEALingua team can transcribe in strict verbatim or intelligent verbatim.

In strict verbatim, we do not alter anything we hear in the audio while transcribing. Accordingly, we keep all nuances. These include pauses, repetitions, hesitations, and fillers (such as “ums,” “ahs,” “ehs,”) along with non-speech sounds (such as coughs, sneezes, and laugher). Due to its nondiscriminatory nature, strict verbatim is great for projects that aim to investigate how something is said in addition to what’s being said. 

In intelligent verbatim transcription, all those nuances and fillers are removed, and the resulting document is clean and easy to read. This type of transcript is great for projects that seek to investigate what’s being said with less concern with how it was said.

Choose a transcription type that works best for your project goal.