ZEALingua provides professional translation and interpretation services in a wide array of languages across industries. Our linguists have a wide range of industry-specific expertise, such as in translating legal documents for immigration applications, academic diplomas and transcripts for college applications, marketing materials for international business, and interpreting for individuals and organizations in various settings. We not only convey accurate meanings and subtle cultural nuances in the target language but also help bridge the gap between people through effective communication.

As a corporate member of ATA (American Translators Association), ZEALingua is committed to consistently delivering high quality translation and interpretation aligned with the ATA standards. 


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ZEALingua was founded by Feride Buyuran in Long Beach, California. Language, culture, and connections have been a common thread running through Feride’s life. Growing up in Azerbaijan, Feride thought of language as a natural doorway to the bigger world and an opportunity to expand her horizons. Her curiosity led to her majoring in English philology, and her education and fascination with cultures led to her first professional workplace, an English-language publication. Her job there entailed researching and writing articles about culture. She also worked as a multilingual translator, taught English and Russian, published an award-winning Azerbaijani cookbook in the United States, and is organizing culinary and cultural tours to the Caucasus with the purpose of bridging cultures. Through her work, Feride connected with people from all walks of life, learning from each new encounter and eager to share her knowledge with others. 

In 2022, Feride brought her diverse passions and experiences together in yet another way. ZEALingua was born, with a mission to connect people globally through effective communication. Here, language, culture, and connections are intertwined once again and the importance of the human touch and trust in business lies at the core. We welcome you to ZEALingua with a genuine enthusiasm to help.


At ZEALingua, we believe that clear communication builds bridges of compassion and mutual understanding, and a word—written or spoken the right way—is a powerful tool for achieving this. We are relationship oriented. Our contact with a client does not end as soon as the project is delivered. Rather, we believe this is just the beginning of a mutual relationship rooted in trust. We value not only our clients but also our highly qualified, ethical linguists who, every day, make language connections spanning the globe possible. We look forward to listening to your unique language request and working on your project. 


Our passion for language and for creating meaningful connections for our clients is what fuels us.


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We provide high-quality translation and interpretation services across many industries


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