Professional translation services at ZEALingua are guaranteed to put you at ease. Whether you are looking to translate a document for immigration purposes or a website to reach wider audiences, we are ready to provide you with the most accurate translations and the highest quality customer service. 

Our translations are always human powered. They are performed by trained professionals who are not only fluent in both the source and target language but also “feel” them and communicate not only written words but also cultural concepts and nuances as needed.

What can we do for you

  • Legal translations

  • Business translations

  • Academic translations

  • Website translations

    And more!


    We translate a wide variety of documents, whether legal, medical, technical, or any subject matter. Some are standard translations, whereas others need to be certified or notarized. Select the service that best fits your needs. 

    Certified Translation Services

    We offer certified translations of documents required by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), courts, educational institutions, banks, government agencies, and other regulatory bodies. Examples include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, court transcripts, police records, diplomas, and transcripts. All certified translations are literal, which means they are word-for-word translations of the source document. Our certified translations include a signed Certificate of Translation Accuracy, declaring the accuracy of the translation to the best of our abilities.

    Notarized Translation Services

    Some certified translations also require notarization, which we provide upon request. To notarize a certified translation, a notary public authenticates the signer of the Certificate of Translation Accuracy with signature and a notary seal. A notarization is valid in all 50 US states.

    Standard Translation Services

    Standard translations are interpretive rather than word-for-word translations and do not require certification. These include manuals, marketing materials, articles, newsletters, business or personal communications, financial statements, literary works, and other documents.

    To ensure the highest quality, ZEALingua uses a three-step translation process before final delivery.



    When a client submits material to translate, first, a project manager carefully evaluates it based on several criteria, including source and target language, length, complexity, subject matter, and turnaround time. Then the document is assigned to a best-matching linguist who performs the initial translation.



    Next, the translation is proofread by a professional editor with the same subject-matter expertise for grammatical and syntactic accuracy, style, inconsistencies, and possible omissions. The editor then discusses with the translator the changes to implement into the final product.



    Finally, a project manager reviews the edited file to ensure it meets the clients requirements through our in-house quality assurance check. At this stage, the project manager may also ask the client to review the translation or a part of it to fine-tune certain details, such as personal name spelling and specialized terminology.

    After all these steps have been taken, the competed translation is delivered to the client. 

    We always welcome client feedback upon completion of a project.