We take pride in our network of carefully selected professional translators, interpreters, editors, proofreaders, and culture experts, who provide services in a wide array of languages, working with various subjects across industries. 

We understand that translation involves more than merely replacing a word with its equivalent in another language. A language is a constantly evolving, dynamic form of communication shaped by unique cultural and social norms of a country and region. Being native speakers of the language they translate, our linguists are aware of such nuances and incorporate them in their work.

Many of our experts have advanced degrees (master’s degree, PhD) and are certified by recognized institutions in the translation field. They have years of translation or interpretation experience and usually have industry-specific linguistic expertise that aligns with their degree specialization or professional background.

For each project, we assign a linguist whose qualifications, language skills, and expertise match that project’s unique needs. For instance, if your document is legal in nature, a legal translator and a legal editor will be assigned to it.

Our linguists are highly ethical, and they observe the strict client confidentiality we maintain with our clients. They are prompt and professional in communication, always aiming to meet deadlines with no infringement on quality. 

Most importantly, our linguists share our zeal for languages, and this shows with each project they deliver.